TP-Link Asia Pacific Puts Its Trust in the Investment Competencies of Thailand and Hosts the Grand TP-Link APAC Enterprise Partner Summit 2024 which Succeeds Beyond Expectations; More Than 800 Business Partners Have Joined the Event. - Today Updatenews


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TP-Link Asia Pacific Puts Its Trust in the Investment Competencies of Thailand and Hosts the Grand TP-Link APAC Enterprise Partner Summit 2024 which Succeeds Beyond Expectations; More Than 800 Business Partners Have Joined the Event.



  Bangkok - TP-Link Asia Pacific Enterprise, the provider of network system products and services for organizational businesses (small and medium-sized businesses: SMB), and surveillance systems, has held the grand TP-Link APAC Enterprise Partner Summit 2024 in Thailand for the first time. At the event, there were showcases of innovations and cutting-edge technologies of networks and surveillance systems. On the occasion, there were executives participated in the Summit, comprising of Mr. Brian Dong, Vice-President of TP-Link Asia Pacific Enterprise who gave an opening remark for the event, Mr. Gary Wen, General Manager of TP-Link Enterprise, representing the Networking BU, who gave a speech under the topic: Beyond Connectivity: Insights into Enterprise Networking, and Mr. Eden Xu, General Manager of TP-Link Enterprise for the Surveillance BU, who gave a speech, under the topic: Challenges and Opportunities in the Surveillance Market. Moreover, the aforementioned Summit was honored to have Mr. ST Liew, Vice-president, and President of Qualcomm, Taiwan, and the Southeast Asia Region, give a speech, under the topic of Qualcomm Leading the World into Wi-Fi 7 Era. In the event, there were more than 800 business partners from both domestic and international levels that came to join the Summit, held at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC).

              Mr. Brian Dong, Vice-President of TP-Link Asia-Pacific Enterprise, mentioned that this TP-Link APAC Enterprise Partner Summit 2024 was held in Thailand for the first time; the Summit helped to gather up the Business to Business (B2B) partners from the Asia-Pacific regional level. The Summit was also considered as a forum to exchange experiences in business operations and learn about strategies toward successes from adopting TP-Link products in use for various projects which responded to works in different product scenarios with flexibility. Moreover, feedbacks from consumers who used TP-Link products were gained and collected. One of the reasons why Bangkok, Thailand, was chosen as a venue to hold this Summit was that TP-Link Enterprise has been operating its businesses in around 30 countries in the Asia-Pacific region which includes India, Japan, and Australia.


Bangkok is the capital city, located in an area which is like the world's hub since it has transport systems that are connected to many countries and excellent infrastructures. Due to his traveling experiences, gained from business contacts throughout the world, each year, Mr. Brian Dong concluded that Thailand has the best infrastructure among countries in the Southeast Asia region. Especially, Thailand has outstanding strengths in terms of the services and facilities sector, including personnel working in the service and hospitality sectors, convenient convention halls and conference centers, good transportation by cars, buses, and sky trains, and nearby facilities.

 TP-Link chose Bangkok, Thailand, as its location for establishing the APAC Headquarters. In addition, TP-Link offers a variety of products and solutions that can be used for various functions in different aspects. In the Summit, TP-Link has launched its new products and services in order to show the power of dynamic and unstoppable business operations; so, business partners would see the power unification for success (Together Power the Future).

 Mr. Brian Dong, Vice-President of TP-Link Asia Pacific Enterprise also added that at present, it is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Era. In the previous year, TP-Link moved its product design center to California, the USA, in order to focus on the use of the newest technology in combination with its products, provide, and test technology for business partners and clients. Its new products and devices: VIGI and OMADA, are equipped with AI technology. Recently, TP-Link has launched its product, called OMADA, which has AI efficiencies to support the joint-use with Cloud System; this would create great experiences of use and optimization for customers and clients, plus with new functions.

Nowadays, all devices are equipped with AI, so people can see the new ways of product use. TP-Link has viewed AI as a tool for developing new applications for customers; it will leverage devices and operate with both wired and wireless networks. This will create big opportunities for CCTV products for security. Common users from educational sector and government services sector are considered as a group that will benefit from AI equipped devices. According to more efficiencies of devices, customers and clients are able to control costs better, detecting and data processing activities are faster, and the relevant costs of hiring personnel for managing systems are reduced.

 We are committed to our business partners and all members of the TP-Link Team (Thailand) that we will support you in every step towards success and empower you with high-quality products at reasonable prices, along with essential knowledge for marketing competitions. Throughout this year, we will conduct activities through our prepared training courses. The business strategy which will be used for VIGI products is the 4Es marketing formula: Easy to use, Easy to deploy, Easy to manage systems, and Easy to access platform in a one-stop service.

 Mr. Gary Wen, General Manager of TP-Link Enterprise, for the Networking BU (OMADA), and Mr. Eden Xu, General-Manager of TP-Link Enterprise, for Surveillance BU (VIGI), have mentioned the TP-Link's business strategies; because TP-Link Enterprise places importance on its customers and clients. It focuses on the integration of management systems for CCTV products used in the crime prevention and security industry, under the brand, VIGI, and the brand, OMADA (network system products). The ecosystem for the 2 product groups is created to facilitate customers in terms of services. This is an important strategy for differentiating TP-Link from others, when compared to other rivals competing in the market. Normally, each company focuses on one particular product service: sole marketing for CCTV, or network system.

      Whereas other companies focus on sole product marketing, TP-Link Enterprise develops platforms for centric management systems for supporting VIGI CCTV products and OMADA network products, by using the VIGI' s technology strengths to strengthen security for customers who use its CCTV products for maintaining security in business. The customers will be able to create new businesses, leverage efficiencies in providing services, expand, and further their scopes of business operations.

 Mr. Chen Kun, Managing Director of TP-Link Enterprises (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said that the
TP-Link's business strategy for marketing in Thailand focused on driving of growth, by dividing its products into 2 groups, comprising OMADA network system products, and products for SMEs and SMBs businesses. The brand strategy was set up for OMADA to cover the search of targeted customers and clear marketing positioning, whereas the marketing of SME and SMB products was conducted prior to the brand strategy set-up. TP-Link Enterprises (Thailand) Co., Ltd. focuses on its main marketing strengths: good quality products that are easy to use, with reasonable prices.

      The launching of OMADA Pro has been made to attract customers and clients that are large organizations and enterprises. According to the marketing analysis, it is found that large organizations or enterprises are looking for products that come up with great solutions, and meet the organizational needs in terms of use. Good products have to be driven by good solutions to create advanced. TP-Link products are already empowered with these strengths. The company tries to drive the market of OMADA Pro, along with the marketing of its products, and developing distribution channels. Moreover, motivations will be enhanced among allied distributors, so this product group will be extended further for starting new projects, new businesses, creating new opportunities, and new sources of income for partners. Because of TP-Link's centric management platform, the Company can enhance its level of competitiveness to win over rivals. The Company's promptness and readiness can support the providing of services to customers thoroughly. Its platform will have been included in the marketing plan for Thailand by the end of this year.

      This TP-Link APAC Enterprise Partner Summit 2024 includes the exchange of experiences from outstanding projects from business partners in many countries that bring solutions from OMADA and VIGI to install in companies and provide services to customers in various business sectors, such as high-rise residence projects in Australia, high-speed internet system and surveillance system installation for business apartments in Japan, and CCTV and OMADA product installation for facilitating schools for children, under the management networks of large companies. This is to leverage the efficiency of security for children.

           For TP-Link's customers, we have integrated the management support for the networking system product group, and the CCTV product group for maintaining security, on the same platform. This is to enhance the efficacy of safety and security in life and property, via smart technologies, and create more safety in society. Customers can also procure products at more reasonable prices.

 The TP-Link APAC Enterprise Partner Summit 2024 was held under good cooperation from partners at both domestic and international levels, such as The Engineering Craft from Thailand, Infinity Networks Security Sdn Bhd from Malaysia, Tecco from Australia, Jnets Co., Ltd. from Japan, Ammel Technology from Singapore, Fore Solutions Private from India, and t'order from South Korea.

      Anyone who is interested in TP-Link's products and technologies, please visit the official website of TP-Link:, or follow our news via Facebook TP-Link VIGI & Omada Business Networking-TH

      For people who are looking for surveillance systems for safety, you can learn about the advantages of VIGI products, at:, or consult with us about OMADA solutions,
a network system for business, and VIGI, a CCTV system, via:



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