Allergan Aesthetics decodes the secrets through “Emotional Attributes” with Dr. Mauricio de Maio, a world’s top plastic surgeon, navigating to the matchless result - Today Updatenews


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วันอังคารที่ 27 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2567

Allergan Aesthetics decodes the secrets through “Emotional Attributes” with Dr. Mauricio de Maio, a world’s top plastic surgeon, navigating to the matchless result


Bangkok – 
It is undeniable that the beauty trend is on the rise. Individuals, regardless of age and gender, take care of themselves and exude their confidence in the most graceful way. These reasons thus navigate to development of innovations and technology for personalized beauty, including facial enhancements to give a nuanced, attractive beauty, reflect your true self and anti-aging. Anyhow, to get a satisfying result, not only are quality products a must, but skilled and well-trained practitioner’s artistry and understanding of your facial anatomy are key to create a personalized approach that meets your preferences. 

At the event, Allergan Aesthetics underAbbVie Pharmaceuticals (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was honored by Dr. Mauricio De Maio, a world’s top plastic surgeon and practitioner of aesthetic medicine harnessing technology and innovations for anti-aging and facial enhancements, who traveled across the globe to exclusively share and unveil the emerging science of decoding emotional attributes to explore individual preferences for perfection, as well as to give some tips and tricks for personalized aesthetic procedures.

Rachana Dungkosintr,
 General Manager, Allergan Aesthetics – Thailand states that Allergan Aesthetics is committed to developing products and technologies to deliver the best in terms of quality and safety standards. Today, we are thrilled and delighted to have
Dr. Mauricio De Maio, a world-renowned plastic surgeon, honor us by collaborating with Allergan Aesthetics. We aim to share knowledge on the science of decoding facial expressions from Emotional Attributes, elevating the standards of aesthetic medicine in Thailand, instilling confidence in the best possible results, addressing the specific needs of all our patients.

Dr. Mauricio De Maio 
said about this decoding of emotional attributes: “Over 25 years, since the very first days I became a plastic surgeon, I’ve witnessed limitations of injectable treatment for facial enhancements. Though most practitioners understood the potential benefits of the products, the final results were often unpredictable and correction wass intricated. Therefore, in choosing injectable products, tools, and areas to inject, it requires vigilance of practitioners. That’s why the principle of decoding facial anatomy was embodied, where 8 facial attributes are to be analyzed and identified. Flaws include 1) looking saggy, 2) looking tired, 3) looking sad, 4) looking angry, while perfection that one prefers includes 5) looking more contoured, 6) looking more attractive, 7) looking younger, and 8) looking more feminine/masculine. In short, the result will be matchless once the science is combined with well-trained practitioner’s artistry and quality products.”

Dr. Mauricio De Maio also shared some experiences of emotional attribute-based counseling and procedures that meet patients' preferences with perfect results and personalized needs, while also demonstrating how to choose the right products. For example, to reshape the lower facial area, a product of quality, with lower cohesivity and fine texture formulated for that specific area must be used to mold a chin that fits the entire face and gives a natural and long-lasting correction of facial flaws, etc.

“The very first things to think about when coming to aesthetic procedures are your own needs and emotions. You should seek advice from certified practitioners of notable clinics, who can choose the right products and have in-depth understanding about emotional attributes to ensure a final result that truly boosts your confidence, happiness, and can be the best version of yours, as one’s preferences are diverse and personal.” Dr. Mauricio De Maio added.



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