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“Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone: Unlocking True Potential” A Content Creator's Journey of Growth by Facing Fear, Challenge and Self-Limitation


The current working world demands the creativity of diverse individuals. An article in Forbes states that teams composed of members with different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences often perform better than teams with many similarities, particularly in problem-solving and decision-making. Additionally, workplaces that embrace diversity make employees feel valued and engaged, which boosts morale and enhances performance.

Sumala Wongkham is another representative of True from the Digital Communications department, showcasing diverse backgrounds and interests. She has worked with the organization for 18 years and had the opportunity to participate in the Strategic Project and Leadership Development program. This experience helped her discover hidden potential through challenging tasks, while also improving her performance in her assigned roles.
Here is her life experience of growing by facing challenges, stepping out of her safe zone to discover her hidden potential, and encouraging everyone to be bold, take action, and express their best version of themselves.
Enjoy Doing New Things in the Wide World
"In the past, I wasn't confident and didn't dare to speak or act as I do now. I was a quiet person who liked to think, research, do crafts and art, and work to earn money. I started working part-time since I was in the ninth grade, even though my family wasn't in need. Everyone around me was working; my older brother and sister were also doing part-time jobs. When they invited me, I joined them because I wanted extra pocket money.”
"I started with distributing flyers, which paid 500 baht for just 2 hours of work. It was very worthwhile because the round-trip bus fare was only 16 baht. After that, I was hooked and would take on any job I was invited to do. I worked in ice cream scooping, data entry, aerobics dancing, and gift wrapping in department stores. I did all kinds of jobs and met many different people, but at that age, I still didn't gain much confidence."
A Voice Without Meaning
"Actually, my dream was to study architecture because I wanted to do drafting, but I didn't pass the entrance exam. So, I chose to study computer commerce, thinking that computers would be essential for everyone in the future. During that time, I also took additional courses in computer repair and assembly to gain comprehensive knowledge. After completing my vocational diploma, I continued my bachelor's degree in information science on weekends while working full-time as a data entry clerk at a financial institution from Monday to Friday."
"Studying information science helped me identify ways to improve and speed up work processes. I tried to suggest these improvements to my supervisor, but he responded, 'There's no need to change. Just keep doing it the same way; it's good enough.' Despite my efforts to explain, he didn't listen. It might have been because he didn't want to try new things, and my age and qualifications didn't inspire confidence in him."
A Thriving Workplace Where Every Voice Matters
"Later, I moved to a temporary position at True, where I found a job I enjoyed working with data systems. After finishing my tasks, I would watch the nearby team working on content creation and responding to customer comments online. Out of curiosity, I asked them questions and learned from them when they sought information from me. The senior staff noticed my potential and asked me to help with online content and SMS broadcast. After earning my bachelor's degree, they pushed for me to become a permanent employee before moving to the Commercial line, where I fully manage True's official social media."

"I appreciate the open and inclusive work culture that values diversity. At True, even when I was just a temporary employee, the senior staff listened to my opinions without dismissing or discriminating against me for not having graduated or having no experience. They valued the workers and different perspectives, which fostered creativity and led to new ways of working. When my voice mattered, it gave me the encouragement to learn and continuously improve myself."
Finding the Answer to Stepping Out of the Safe Zone
“A major turning point in my life occurred when I joined True's Strategic Project and Leadership Development (SPLD) program. I was assigned to Bua Yai District in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, a remote area, to manage sales in the region with a team of four people from different departments. At that time, I was both stressed and scared because, firstly, I had to work in areas where I had no experience, such as marketing, accounting, and coordination. Secondly, it was the first time I had to live away from my family.”
"During the training before going to the field, I heard the phrase 'step out of your safe zone.' It sounded nice, but how do you do that? Even after the training, I didn't know the answer until I started working and found my own way out. I began with what I feared most: talking and interacting with many people. I knew I wasn't a good speaker and didn't have a polished demeanor. But since the job required me to negotiate and interact with all groups in the area, from government agencies, community leaders, and local dignitaries to villagers, and even hold a microphone to sell products in the market, I had to find a way to survive."
Facing Fears Head-On: The Path to Courage
“I remember the first day I had to meet the provincial governor. A colleague from True Shop led the way. She had a good personality, was well-mannered, and spoke politely. I observed and learned from her as an example. When it was my turn, I prepared thoroughly. On the spot, I thought, ‘Come on, just this once, don’t be shy, go for it.’ I stepped over my fear to do my best. When I had to walk around the market holding a microphone, I had the same mindset. There might have been mistakes, but I got through it every time. The key was to constantly review and improve myself. My skills in crafting and making things also came in handy for creating marketing materials.”
“I admit that stepping out of the safe zone was not easy. However, as I repeatedly faced my fears and dislikes, I gradually became a confident speaker, capable of making decisions without realizing it. I even started to enjoy what I once thought I couldn’t do: speaking in front of large groups. Now, whether it’s presenting at work or selling in the market, it’s no longer a challenge for me.”
“As for the SPLD team's project in Bua Yai District, we saw positive results. There was a noticeable increase in the number of young customers using True’s network, and sales, especially for True Online, steadily improved. This is a source of pride for me, being part of the effort to develop the work and generate revenue for the organization.”
Growth in All Aspects from Challenging Experiences
“After finishing the project and returning to the True office, my colleagues were surprised by how much I had changed. They were amazed at my willingness to voice my opinions. Whenever there was something that could improve the work, I would immediately raise my hand to suggest it. I also became more confident and decisive, including speaking on stage in front of hundreds of people, a skill I have grown to love to this day.”
“I continue to enjoy learning and trying new things. On my days off, I started taking motorcycle trips to different provinces with friends, usually with just three bikes, not in a large group. Was I scared? Of course, because riding a motorcycle carries more risk than driving a car, but I wanted to try a new way of traveling. Even though I ride a motorcycle daily, long-distance riding across several provinces requires preparation and planning. We need to decide who leads, who follows, and the appropriate speed. After each trip, we discuss what to improve, who was too fast or too slow. It's another fun and challenging aspect of my life.”
Embracing Open-Mindedness: Unveiling True Potential
“Everyone is different, but I believe in the potential that each person has. For me, being cheerful and having a look that makes people think I must be funny, sometimes makes people overlook my serious opinions or abilities. Therefore, I want everyone to be open-minded, not judge others prematurely, and listen to different perspectives. You might gain valuable new insights.”
“If anyone is afraid to start something new or stressed about facing challenges, I encourage you to dive in, learn, and give it your all. Once you step out of your safe zone, you might discover hidden talents or passions waiting to be found when you're brave enough.”
Lesson Learned: Stepping Out of the Safe Zone to Discover the Best Version of Yourself
  • Embracing Adversity: Endure hardships, view challenges as opportunities, and turn failures into learning experiences.
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Conquer obstacles through creative problem-solving combined with determination and commitment.
  • Developing Skills Through Challenges: Expand your knowledge and abilities, uncover hidden potential, and develop new skills.
True Corporation believes in diversity, whether it’s gender, age, ethnicity, interests, or lifestyle. During Pride Month, True takes a stand in supporting equality by embracing diversity in all dimensions and daring to be oneself through the #BringYourBest campaign. Because the workplace is where we can truly bring our whole selves, True presents stories of its people, reflecting various differences and inspiring everyone to unleash their potential and be authentic.




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